Dumbledore vs Durham – hmmm, let me think….

Like any new venture, whether it be joining the gym, becoming fluent in Spanish or learning the guitar, I am really enthusiastic in the early stages, hence my second post already. However, if any of the other efforts are anything to go by, it’s unlikely that there will be a third. In fact, if the guitar experiment had been repeated there wouldn’t have even have been a second.

I really wanted to be the cool guy singing Oasis covers round the campfire on a Thai beach with all the girls looking on adoringly,  almost drooling rather than the geeky kid looking on at all the girls adoringly, almost drooling – why couldn’t I be that guy….

However, why an uncoordinated, tone-deaf individual who got laughed out of the school choir trials ever thought that this was a realistic possibility is beyond me. My one and only lesson was the most excrutiating hour of my life (and that includes the hour between 1 and 2am on 20 November 1989 during my first year at University, or to be precise the 60 seconds between 1.22am and 1.23am) and goes straight in that dark box of things never to be mentioned again for both me and the teacher – until now.

Nothing much happened on the daddy daycare front yesterday although the loyal readers of this blog from the early days will be pleased to hear that I had two lovely friends over for dinner at night, I drank a bit too much red wine and ranted about equality. True to my roots after all this time!

Anyway, with a long train trip up north for a couple of days’ work it allows me to peruse the weekend papers, by which I mean read The Sunday Times. Ok, ok, I flip through the Culture section but by doing so I realised that two of my favourite shows are back this week – Toast of London on Wednesday and The Bridge on Friday – so that’s good.

In between the negative comments in You Say on Nigella, I did pick up an interesting snippet that I had to comment upon though which related to the wonderful views of Vivienne Durham, headteacher of girls’ school, Francis Holland Regent’s Park. In summary, she felt it important to tell her female students that they “can’t have it all” – inspiring stuff. I won’t go on about the pros and cons but suffice to say I agree with Polly Vernon. Vivienne leaves her role in the new year – a real loss.

However, the one point that appears to have been overlooked is the fact that she won Head Teacher of a Public School in the 2014 Tatler School Awards and I tried to imagine what the shortlist must have been and came up with the following:

1. Miss Agatha Trunchbull – any Matilda fan probably still has nightmares.

2. Mr Strickland – “No McFly has ever amounted to anything in Hill Valley” – enough said.

3. Principal R Snyder – not exactly sure why but he took an immediate dislike to Buffy and made it his mission to get her expelled from day one, eventually succeeding at the end of Series 2 despite the fact that she was eventually found innocent of killing Kendra.

Didn’t he realise she was trying to save the world? Or maybe he did and he just realised that it was difficult to juggle vampire-slaying with double science.

Anyway, even if that was the list of contenders, Durham still shouldn’t have won.

Hasta luego.

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