Now, let’s move on to the Development Points…..

About a week in, I thought it would be appropriate to assess the performance of the blog so far.

Not sure what your school was like but we used to get graded in each subject with a letter which indicated effort and a number which indicated achievement with A1 being good and E5 being bad.

So A5 was for the thick kids at the front, licking their desks, who at least turned up every day and D1 was for the ones smoking weed at the back that had learnt how to solve quadratic equations at the age of 6, much to the annoyance of the teachers.

So think I’ll give myself an A4.

To be honest, I can’t fault the effort, a blog a day is about five or six more than I expected when I thought this would be a good idea to while away some time while I’m ¬†ensuring F doesn’t eat something poisonous or liable to block her airways while she wriggles around on her playmat in the early hours of the morning. Let’s be clear its only downhill from here in this respect.

The achievement grade is trickier as the only feedback is from V largely along the lines of: “stop writing that bloody thing and help out with dinner please and grab F will you as she’s trying to eat my knickers from the washing basket!”

I think the spelling has been good though so couldn’t give myself a 5.

Decent enough start I reckon.

It got me thinking about appraisals though. I’m 44 – so it feels like about the right time for a mid-life appraisal. For the purposes of this blog, let’s imagine that there’s an omniscient being that has a sufficient overview of your life to be able to appraise you correctly (not just some new guy in the department that’s going to give everyone a 3 as he doesn’t know any better) and let’s call her Bob.

So I would spend a bit of time preparing my self-appraisal marking myself highly in all areas and then I would make my way nervously to Starbucks so that Bob can rip me apart in a public place.

Truth be told, I think I would only end up with Exceeds Expectations in three areas:

1. Romcoms – can’t imagine anyone has a better knowledge of these than me, pretty much from the start of time by which I mean the mid-80s. Don’t think there were that many before then anyway; obviously Grease was in the 70’s but was more a musical than a traditional romcom;

2. Dancing at weddings – although I accept it may be hard to maintain this high standard as my knees give way; and

3. The missing vowels round on Only Connect – mbl ddybr llnttt!

Er….and that’s it

Decent enough start I reckon.

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