Would she call the album “Pooper S.Cooper”?

In my rush to get my one week appraisal in on time, I forgot to talk about my lovely day with F on Friday.

Slightly disappointed to say that things went pretty smoothly – I haven’t yet got to the stage of putting her in deliberate danger for the sake of this blog…….yet!

Simple analysis – 3 good meals, 2 decent sleeps, a couple of healthy poos, 5 circuits on my knees around the living room and loads of dancing with F to the radio. Looking forward to the shutters arriving for the front windows as not sure what all the passers-by thought of a man seemingly shaking a baby all around the front room with an inane grin on his face.

I even took my iPad out with me to take photos of sexist flyers for “mum and baby classes” in the local library baby cafe but all the ones I saw were for “parents” rather than just mums – how boring…… but good.

Other highlights included:

1. Met two nice women in Caffe Nero who insisted on holding F and, er, kissing her – is that appropriate? They did give her a little present though, a cute little crocodile that was in its original unopened plastic bag and F liked chewing it, so can’t complain, although sure it had two eyes when I opened it up – oh well.

2. Sporting achievement of the day – managed to throw a used avocado into an open food bin, in off the lid so it closed itself – pretty cool. Took a few goes though and hope V doesn’t see the green marks on the wall.

3. Musical accompaniment to the day – listened to Lily Allen’s first album during lunch and I hadn’t ever listened to the lyrics so carefully before. She rips in to the men in her life in such a harsh way – I don’t feel that I can write out the lyrics here so may have to revisit this topic in an After Dark version of this blog but doesn’t seem like any of them were much cop in bed and weren’t particularly well-endowed. 

Am sure Sam Cooper is very happy in their marriage but there’s no way he’s going to split up with her as there would be albums of the stuff about him.

In the parallel universe that probably only I find funny, I would hope if they ever did go through a messy divorce (not that I want that to happen), Ms Allen would immediately become the global advertising face for the Mini Cooper and all the adverts would have her classic “Not Big” as its backing track.

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