I’m guessing that calling it “An accurate depiction of women in the senior echelons of the workplace” may have impacted sales

This game of Twenty Questions with Mx36 has reminded me of an old childhood favourite of mine “Guess Who”. I say ‘childhood favourite’, however, I actually played it an embarrassingly number of times during my first year of university as I was wild like that, but let’s move swiftly on.

The game itself is pretty simple, you pick one of the 24 character cards and you then take it in turns to ask questions about your opponent’s chosen one to try to ‘guess who’ it is – simple.

Here is the complete set from the original game.

You may note that the creators, Theo and Ora Coster, spread the various differentiating characteristics so that 5 of the 24 had it and 19 didn’t have it, such as a beard, a hat, a bald head, blue eyes or BEING FEMALE!

Yes – being a woman was a mere characteristic akin to a bulbous nose.

A couple of further interesting points.

First, the astute among you will realise that the Guess Who cast has the perfect age, gender and ethnicity mix of your average set of partners at a corporate law firm that I discussed in an earlier blog.

I can only imagine that Theo and Ora were also a renowned local photographic duo who did weddings, baby shots etc and occasionally agreed to the odd corporate job. One evening, they were looking through the recent snaps they had taken of the partners of their local firm of solicitors and found it rather fun picking a person each and guessing who the other had picked – the rest is history.

Secondly, they have actually come up with a pretty good analogy for life in the workplace. For example, if you are Claire, an average-looking woman with a hat and glasses, you stand no chance, whereas if you are Frans, an ok-looking guy with no discernible interesting features, you are unbeatable – Guess Who works on that same basis.

Look, I can understand why the game was designed that way but definitely think it was of its time and wouldn’t have been done so today.

I love the fact that a 6 year old girl also thought it was odd that there were only 5 women compared to 19 men and wrote to Hasbro about the matter in 2012 – good on her. Unsurprisingly, Hasbro initially wrote back in nonsensical corporate-speak, but must have taken some of it on board as recent versions of the game have different characters involved.

Anyway, all of this is a mere aside to the real purpose of this blog – the continuation of my game with Mx36 – and I’ll ask a question that I don’t think I ever asked throughout my extensive Guess Who career: “Will it be awkward when I discover who you are?”

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One Response to I’m guessing that calling it “An accurate depiction of women in the senior echelons of the workplace” may have impacted sales

  1. Mx36 says:

    I hope not.


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