“It was love at first sight” Sure, but what about the second time?

There was I warbling on about a journeyman bestseller author, Robert Pirsig, and a proper legendary one pops her clogs at the same time, Harper Lee.

I have to admit though that I have somewhat mixed feelings about “To Kill a Mockingbird” as I was forced to read it at school which appears to have left some form of small, indelible, negative mark that I sense wouldn’t be there if I had read it first solely for pleasure later on in life.  It’s still a brilliant book, don’t get me wrong and one should remember that it was published at a time when such racial injustice was the norm, so writing about it in this way wouldn’t have been without personal risk to Harper Lee.

I also like Scout Finch’s quote on equality.

I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks

Clearly this was written with racial inequality in mind but it obviously applies to any type of inequality so in honour of Harper Lee, and as long as she doesn’t mind, I think I’ll use that line from now on as my stock answer when grilled about why I have such seemingly strange feminist views.

I haven’t read the follow-up “Go Set a Watchman” that was published last year but it has had mixed reviews, which isn’t that surprising as although initially billed as a sequel, it transpires that it was an early rejected draft of TKAM instead. In any event, it was always going to struggle in comparison.

Some classics should just be left alone. 

It reminded me of how excited I was to discover the sequel to “Catch-22”, one of my favourite books of all time – definitely in the top 5. The follow-up is  called “Closing Time” and follows the travails of Yossarian about 40 years after the original and was published when Heller was about 70. 

Never heard of it? Funny that. 

Spoiler alert – it’s not very good, but I guess even Joseph Heller has to pay the bills.

That’s the thing about sequels, for the very occasional Godfather II or Rambo, there are thousands of shocking efforts, any of the six Police Academy ones for example. George Gaynes must be spinning in his grave!

But with F now approaching 14 months old, it’s about the right time for me and V to start thinking about a sequel. I’m not going to use this blog as a forum to debate the pros and cons of having a second child as it’s a pretty personal and private decision and although I’m happy to make fun of my painful ailments of the nether regions and to discuss my awkward loss of virginity for comedic value, I am going to keep a few things private.

Nevertheless, when weighing up all the aspects of bringing another human into the world and how that might affect F and us as a family, both positively and negatively,  I can’t help thinking about it rather simplistically in film terms and whether a new little one would be  “Toy Story 2” (funnier and more emotional than the original) or “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason” instead – a mere poor imitation of the first and nowhere near as much fun. Having to endure a few years of the parenting equivalent of Renee Zellweger caterwauling her way through Madonna songs in a Thai jail isn’t that appealing.

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