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Pertti – could you repeat that in English, please

I get it now, social media can be a pretty powerful thing.  I follow LetToysBeToys on Twitter, an organisation that, among other things, lobbies for ungendered toys and makes fun of ridiculous pink stuff just for girls- take a look. … Continue reading

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I’m guessing that calling it “An accurate depiction of women in the senior echelons of the workplace” may have impacted sales

This game of Twenty Questions with Mx36 has reminded me of an old childhood favourite of mine “Guess Who”. I say ‘childhood favourite’, however, I actually played it an embarrassingly number of times during my first year of university as … Continue reading

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My French isn’t bad but the ice sculptures still need a bit of work 

Today is Groundhog Day, the day when the timing of the arrival of spring is determined by whether the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, comes out of its little hole and sees its shadow. However, for most people, including me, those two … Continue reading

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