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Back The Don – you know it’s the right thing to do

I understand that the title of this blog is rarely seen in the UK at present but I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and have decided to follow my head rather than my heart.  I could go on … Continue reading

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“We have become cheap, shit-heel butchers, selling hearts for meat”

Had a great day with F on Thursday as she was in super-cute mood which was nice as sometimes I get to the end of a Thursday and I think she’s just looking  at me grumpily thinking: “Hmm, it’s more … Continue reading

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Right, I’ve made a cassette and cleaned out the boot, what’s next?

With last week being the ‘Mum’s birthday / Mothering Sunday’ double, I couldn’t help but contemplate what a genius Adele is. Obviously she is a pretty good singer, but she’s no mug either. She’s realised that she has sown up … Continue reading

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We thought things could only get better….

As I type out my 50th blog, kiss my virtual helmet and wave my imaginary bat towards the pavilion, I can’t help thinking about a wise, old friend of mine, Chris, who I first met at law school in 1993. … Continue reading

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There are certain topics I’m not going to cover. Period.

I feel I’ve been banging the equality drum a bit much on here recently so although I’ve been trying to get my head round what I think of the news yesterday about a company offering “menstrual leave” to women, I’m … Continue reading

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