There are certain topics I’m not going to cover. Period.

I feel I’ve been banging the equality drum a bit much on here recently so although I’ve been trying to get my head round what I think of the news yesterday about a company offering “menstrual leave” to women, I’m going to leave it for the moment and chat about other stuff instead. 

Also because I need to suck up to my mum a bit. It’s her birthday today and what with one thing and another my gift won’t make it to South Africa today so thought I’d send her a birthday blog instead.

Well when I say birthday blog, what I really mean is birthday / Mothering Sunday blog. I mean it’s not my fault they’re always in the same week is it?

In the same way, F will have to make do with a single Christmas  / birthday blog for her present at the end of December each year. I’m sure she’ll be fine with that.

F’s been on great form though and has made it to the “standing unaided” level in the “When is she bloody going to walk??” game. 

She’s definitely not a natural as although I say unaided, she still looks like she is learning to snowboard; she has a really wide stance and slightly bent knees and she wobbles all over the place before finally falling on her padded bum or occasionally falling forward. When she was first learning she was so excited about the standing bit that she forgot that she could break her fall forward with her hands and just face-planted straight into her Fisher Price garage which caused a few tears. She wasn’t happy either. 

I don’t really mind. I’ve always said that I’ve never met a 5 year-old who can’t walk, talk and has all their milk teeth so it will happen when it happens but come on F, make a bloody effort. 

Anyway, Mum, hope you had a lovely day and we’re all looking forward to seeing you in about 5 weeks’ time. 

Now where’s that number for Interflora?

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